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Several Not Working Problems of Amazon Alexa and Ways to Resolve

There is no doubt that Amazon Echo is a successful product. But there is also no perfect product in the world. Especially as the center of smart home device in whole house, it’s not working will lead to several problems. In most of time,the connection failure mainly caused by Amazon Alexa not working. So let’s dig in these problems and find the way of resolving it.

Amazon Alexa

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-driven voice service, seamlessly integrated into over 100 million devices spanning Amazon’s own products and those crafted by third-party manufacturers. Empowering developers, Alexa enables the creation of natural voice experiences, providing users with an instinctive means of engaging with their everyday technology. To facilitate this innovation, we provide a comprehensive set of tools, APIs, reference solutions, and detailed documentation, streamlining the process of building for the Alexa platform.

What’s the main problem of Amazon Alexa?

There are several types of amazon alexa problem,let’s check what are they

Amazon Alexa Not Working!

Alexa not connecting to internet

Generally the hardware(Alexa) doesn’t has problem. Because before launching the product, factory would test it many times. And the wifi module(card) on the PCB is not so easy to be broken. The problem always happens on your internet(wifi connection). Such as wifi is down.

How to fix the connection problem of Alexa

Ensure your internet connection is functioning correctly before attempting to troubleshoot Alexa-related issues. If your device cannot connect to the internet, Alexa will not operate as intended. If the internet connection is confirmed, the problem may lie within your hardware.

Initiate a manual restart of both your modem and wireless router, allowing a five-minute interval before reconnecting Alexa to Wi-Fi. Connectivity problems may stem from network hardware rather than the devices connecting to the network.

Perform a restart on the Alexa-enabled device by powering it off or unplugging it, then reconnect to Wi-Fi. Sometimes, a physical reboot of the Alexa-enabled device can resolve the issue.

Verify the accuracy of the Wi-Fi password. If the hardware is functioning correctly, test another device on your Wi-Fi network by disconnecting and reconnecting it using the same password as Alexa. If the alternate device recognizes the network but cannot connect with the provided password, the password for your Alexa device may be incorrect.

Check for potential obstructions in your network and relocate your device closer to the wireless router. Wi-Fi signals degrade over long distances, and if your Alexa-enabled device is out of range, it may struggle to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Consider expanding your home’s connectivity with a mesh network if repositioning your device resolves the issue. After relocating your device, you may need to reconnect it to the network

Alexa not responding but light up

Here we only discuss the problem except the network issue.

Speak clearly to your echo again.

According to business insider

“Alexa’s accuracy lags Google Assistant and Siri, but Amazon has been closing the gap, according to a study from Loup Ventures. On average, Alexa answered queries accurately 80% of the time in August 2019, up 19 percentage points from 61% in July 2018. Its lag behind Siri fell from 18 percentage points to 3, and compared with Google Assistant, Alexa’s deficit dropped from 25 percentage points to 13.”- from business insider.

Checking the Amazon Echo mute button

You need to check whether it’s on mute. Sometimes you may touch the mute button when cleaning home or your child touch it without caution. If it’s mute, please recover it. And sometimes your voice volume is also hard to recognize if you speak from far way. It’s a same result like mute for device. So speak louder from now on.

Adjusting your awake words for your device

If there is still no response after fulfilling the above steps,please try to change awake words.

Your device reacts to the wake word, initially set as Alexa but customizable to Amazon, Echo, or Computer. Test it by saying “Alexa” followed by “hello.” If everything is functioning correctly, your Amazon Echo should respond with a corresponding “hello.”

If you never change it, please follow the steps down.

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device or computer by visiting alexa.amazon.com. Although I’m demonstrating with the Android app, the process is nearly identical on iOS or the web.

Select the Menu button and navigate to Settings > the specific device for which you wish to modify the wake word.

Scroll down and choose Wake Word from the options.

Pick the desired name from the drop-down menu. By default, you have three choices: “Alexa,” “Echo,” or “Amazon.”

It’s noteworthy that a Reddit user reported a fourth option, “Computer,” for their Echo Dot following a recent firmware update, especially appealing to Star Trek fans.

Be aware that updating the wake word on your device will take a few minutes, and during this period, the device won’t be available for use.

Then after these adjusting ,90% problem would be resolved. If there is still no results. Please restart the echo and reconnect it. 99% problem would be resolved this time.

alexa connection problem

Other Alexa problems

Having difficulty with other devices linked

Encountering issues while attempting to coordinate multiple Echo devices and elicit responses? You’re not alone, and rest assured, solutions are within reach. Here’s a guide to troubleshoot and simplify your experience. Possible causes for Alexa’s challenges with multiple devices: Weak or unstable Wi-Fi connection. Interference from surrounding devices. Alexa struggling to recognize your voice. Steps to troubleshoot Alexa’s difficulty with multiple devices: Verify the strength and stability of your Wi-Fi connection. Relocate devices causing interference away from your Echo devices. Reset your Echo devices and set them up again from the beginning. Ensure Alexa recognizes your voice by configuring Voice Profiles. Explore Alexa’s Multi-Room Music feature or utilize Group commands for simultaneous control of multiple devices

It can’t play apple music on alexa

If you’re facing challenges with Alexa not playing music, troubleshoot by optimizing your internet speed—disconnect unused devices, elevate your Echo, and minimize interference. Ensure your subscription is active by checking on the Amazon website. Restart your Echo device, set Prime as the default music provider in the Alexa app, and confirm song availability. Open firewall ports, adjust your country settings on Amazon, and disable the explicit filter if needed. Deregister and re-register your Echo for a fresh setup, and verify that your location, timezone, and language settings are accurate in the Alexa app. These comprehensive steps cover a range of potential issues to help you enjoy seamless music playback with Alexa.

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