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Roku Unveils Affordable Tons of Smart Home Devices

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Roku Unveils Affordable Tons of Smart Home Devices

Roku, Inc. recently unveiled an expansion of its smart home offerings by introducing home monitoring devices to its existing suite of security cameras, video doorbells, lighting, plugs, and more. The newly introduced Roku Home Monitoring System SE consists of essential components that provide homeowners with added peace of mind, including two entry sensors, a motion sensor, a wire-free keypad, and a hub featuring a built-in siren. Users have the choice of self-monitoring or subscribing to professional 24/7 monitoring services.

According to Mark Robins, Roku Smart Home’s Vice President, the new home monitoring system delivers not only enhanced safety but also unparalleled ease of setup, control, and monitoring. Robins expressed pride in the extension of Roku’s smart home lineup, which now includes affordable and straightforward options for securing any home.

Setting up the Roku Home Monitoring System SE is a breeze, thanks to guided videos and clear illustrations that make installation a tool-free process. With customizable Home, Away, and Off modes, users can easily manage their monitoring preferences using either the system keypad or the Roku Smart Home mobile app. Notifications can be configured to alert users when doors are opened or closed, or when alarms are triggered. The system can be armed or disarmed using the keypad at home or remotely through the mobile app.

Developed in collaboration with Wyze Labs, the Roku Home Monitoring System SE offers an affordable solution priced at $99. The system includes two entry sensors that provide real-time notifications about door and window status, a motion sensor capable of ignoring pets through adjustable settings, a hub featuring a built-in siren to notify both the household and the surrounding neighborhood in case of emergencies, and a user-friendly keypad for effortless system control. Additionally, the system is expandable, allowing users to incorporate additional entry sensors, motion sensors, and keypads.

Users can choose between self-monitoring their homes at no cost or subscribing to professional monitoring services. Powered by Noonlight, the professional monitoring option guarantees immediate response from live agents based in the United States when an alarm is triggered. Subscribers have the convenience of requesting emergency assistance with a single tap on either the Roku Smart Home mobile app or the system keypad. The professional monitoring service is available at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, with an exclusive 50% discount for annual billing subscribers during their first year.

In addition to the home monitoring system, Roku has also introduced other Smart Home products. The Roku Smart Light Strip+ SE, for example, enables users to create vibrant lighting displays with the ability to showcase up to 16 different colors simultaneously. Additionally, the Roku Solar Panel has been developed to power the wire-free Roku Outdoor Camera SE.

Roku has seamlessly integrated these smart home devices with its Roku operating system, which powers Roku players and TVs. Users who possess both Roku Smart Home devices and Roku players or TVs will gain access to new features as the latest Roku TV OS update is automatically rolled out in the coming weeks. These features include the ability to monitor their homes through their TVs, receive on-screen notifications and countdowns when the monitoring system is armed and a sensor is triggered, access camera event history via the Roku Cameras app, and control Roku Smart Home devices using simple voice commands through the Roku remote or mobile app.

Starting May 15, customers can purchase the Roku Home Monitoring System SE and additional components such as keypads, motion sensors, entry sensors, and the Roku Smart Light Strip+ SE online through Roku’s official website and at select Walmart stores across the United States (excluding U.S. territories). The Roku Solar Panel will become available in June.

All Roku Smart Home devices have obtained certification from the ioXt Alliance, ensuring compliance with the globally recognized standard for IoT security.

With the introduction of the Roku Home Monitoring System SE and its expanded range of smart home products, Roku continues to establish itself as a leading provider of affordable and user-friendly solutions that enhance home security and convenience. By leveraging the integration with the Roku operating system and offering professional monitoring services, Roku meets the diverse needs of consumers in the ever-growing smart home market.


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