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nest outdoor camera

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Ultimate Guide of Nest Outdoor Camera

Nest is one of the best outdoor camera brand,which has changed and upgraded home security. With their advanced technology and cutting-edge features, it redefine the smart home camera market. These cameras are specifically designed to monitor and protect the surroundings of your home with the nest explicit surveillance solutions. With their sleek design and weather-resistant build, Nest Outdoor Cameras can withstand the negative elements and deliver reliable performance

Features and Functionalities of Nest Outdoor Cameras

  • Intelligent alerts without a subscription.
  • 24/7 check-in with 1080p HDR video, night vision, and 3 hours of free event video history.
  • Nest Cam stores recorded events for up to an hour during Wi-Fi outages. It’s easy to install and can be placed anywhere with its battery-powered design and magnetic mount. For continuous recording, consider Nest Aware Plus.
  • Stream live video on compatible smart displays with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Compatible with the Google Home app and free Google Account. 
  • Explore more functions and reviews here.

How long does the Nest Camera battery last?

For an outdoor camera, the battery duration is an important specifications.

But the battery life varies depending on settings and way of usage sometimes. Generally, Nest Outdoor Cameras equipped with rechargeable batteries can last between three to six months. 

Some factors of environment, such as the frequency of motion detection, the number of alerts, and the biggest camera’s activity zone settings can influence battery life. 

For homeowners looking for longer-lasting solutions, Nest also offers wired versions of nest outdoor cameras, ensuring continuous power supply and eliminating concerns about battery life.



from amazon

Can Nest Outdoor Camera be Used Without Subscription?

Of course it can!

The major update is that Google is enhancing camera functionality without requiring a monthly subscription. Previously, essential camera features, such as video recording, were only accessible through the “Nest Aware” subscription plan, costing $6-$12 per month. However, the new cameras now offer local video recording, providing three hours’ worth of motion detection events without the need for a subscription. Additionally, Google has shifted activity zones and certain image recognition features from the cloud-based paid service to on-device processing, making them available without a subscription as well. This update marks a significant step forward in making the cameras more useful for users without ongoing costs.

Can It Be Connected With A Solar Panel?

nest outdoor camera with solar panel

Yes! The solar panel is available as a separate purchase, but it is highly recommended for outdoor use of the Nest Cam. Wasserstein offers a bundle deal for under $250, making it a sensible option for enhanced functionality and convenience.You can but solar panel directly here

Why My Nest Outdoor Camera Shows Offline?

During June and July,2023 there were a lot of case reported that nest camera offline but wifi working.

when an active Wi-Fi connection is lost, a Nest camera tends to fall offline. This can occur due to a drop in the network or during power outages. When this happens, the camera’s status LED won’t remain solid green, and the app will indicate that the camera is offline. To resolve this issue, try power cycling both your camera and network devices to refresh and reestablish the connection.

About the reason why it goes offlines, there is not a explanation. But goole has declared they have fixed it.And there are no more offline case reported after this upgrading. So you can use it without worry.


Is Nest Outdoor Camera Still Worth Buying?

Absolutely! Yes!

The Google Nest Cam Outdoor is an outstanding choice for outdoor security cameras. Its remarkable hardware and superb video quality for both day and night ,the wide-angle lens , and two-way audio enables seamless communication and wide range of view. With easy setup and live view support, it offers convenience and peace of mind. Additionally, it comes with integrated cloud recording and seamlessly integrates with Nest’s other services and smart thermostat. This camera leaves no feature behind, making it a top-tier surveillance solution.

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