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amazon astro robot

Cute Amazon Astro Home Robot Review

What should you know about astro robot?

Let’s know the little friend in specifications


Device: 16.7” L x 9.8” W x 17.3” H (424mm x 250mm x 440mm)
Charger: 11.0” L x 10.4” W x 5.0” H (280mm x 264mm x 127mm)


Device: 20.6 lbs (9.35 kg)
Charger: 3.9 lbs (1.75 kg)

Battery charge time

Device charges in approximately 45 minutes using the included charger

Battery type

Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

Periscope height

Extends from just above the display up to 42” from the floor


10.1” HD touchscreen display, 1280×800 resolution


5MP bezel camera
Periscope camera: 1080p Periscope camera with 157.8° (3.2 mm) diagonal field of view

From setting up to the totally familiar with Astro, what should you do?

There are several steps to have it totally workable for you. If you feel complicated, here is a simple video to introduce. Please check down below.

  1. Charger Setup:

    • Place Astro on the charger. The display will turn on and briefly display an animated startup screen.
    • Astro will scan for available Wi-Fi networks. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password when prompted.
  2. Amazon Account:

    • Log in with your Amazon account email or phone number and password.
    • Review and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Time Zone:

    • Select your time zone.
  4. Voice Training:

    • Train Astro to recognize your voice by saying a few phrases as prompted.
  5. Visual Training:

    • Train Astro to visually identify you by following on-screen prompts.
  6. Room Identification:

    • Teach Astro to recognize and name rooms in your home.
  7. Astro Application:

    • Download and install the Amazon Astro application on your Android or iOS device.
    • Log in with your Amazon credentials.
  8. Pair with Astro:

    • Scan the QR code displayed on Astro with your phone to pair it with your Amazon account.
  9. Docking Practice:

    • Astro will perform docking practice. Allow it to dock itself.
  10. Exploration:

    • Astro will automatically explore your home. Ensure there are no obstacles in its path.
  11. Room Naming:

    • Help Astro identify rooms by providing their names.
  12. Additional Family Members:

    • If needed, add more family members through the settings menu.
  13. Usage:

    • Enjoy various interactions with Astro, such as voice commands, following you, delivering items, and more.
  14. Home Monitoring:

    • Set up home monitoring mode and configure it as needed.
  15. Voice and Visual Recognition:

    • Train Astro to recognize voices and faces in your household.
  16. App Integration:

    • Use the Astro application to manage and control Astro from your phone.
  17. Viewpoints:

    • Set up viewpoints for specific areas you want to check.

What can astro robot do for you?

  1. Smart Home Control: Astro functions as a smart home helper, allowing users to issue voice commands to control various compatible devices. It integrates Amazon’s voice assistant, making it capable of answering questions, controlling smart devices, and even participating in routines. Its touchscreen display provides additional control and information.

  2. Autonomous Navigation: Astro can autonomously navigate and map your home. It can recognize rooms and their names, making it capable of moving around the house intelligently. Users can edit boundaries and set no-go zones to prevent it from entering specific areas.

  3. Security Monitoring: Astro can be used as a security bot. It patrols your home, can provide live camera feeds, and alert you to unusual activity. It can also recognize faces and voices and integrate with Amazon’s Guard program to detect security threats.

  4. Entertainment and Communication: Astro can play music, make video calls, and follow you around, essentially functioning as a mobile smart display. It can bring you a drink, take selfies, and provide a unique interactive experience.

These functions could bring convenience, efficiency, security, and entertainment to you. 

By offering smart home control with voice commands and a touchscreen display, Astro streamlines daily tasks and allows for seamless management of connected devices. Its autonomous navigation and room recognition capabilities enhance convenience by saving time and effort in home monitoring and assistance. Security features such as surveillance and face/voice recognition contribute to a safer living environment. Additionally, Astro’s entertainment options and unique interactions, like delivering drinks and taking selfies, provide more amusement and enjoyment to you. 

How to get amazon astro?

how to get astro robot

To acquire an Astro robot from Amazon US, you’ll need to follow a unique purchase process. First, log in to your Amazon account and visit the Amazon Astro page. On the right-hand side of the page, click on “Request an Invitation.” This action will redirect you to a survey page where you must provide answers to all the questions to finalize your request. 

If Amazon chooses you as a recipient, you will receive an invitation to buy the Astro, and you can then return to the product’s retail page to complete your purchase. It’s essential to note that the robot is available in limited quantities, and not all requests will be approved.

Wish you good luck!

FAQs-What others you may want to know about amazon astro robot?

How much does amazon astro robot cost?

The initial price of Astro was $999.99, but it has since risen to $1,599.99. Although price is higher, but now you can choose free amazon subscription plan like Ring Protect Pro or Alexa Together.

Does it has privacy protection?

If you have concerns about privacy, you can establish restricted zones to mark areas where Astro should avoid. Additionally, it offers a “do not disturb” function. Astro is also equipped with AI processors, enabling edge computing for various tasks. This means that a significant portion of your data and information should, in theory, be processed directly on Astro rather than being transmitted to the cloud, reducing the risk of potential access by third parties.

Other strange but reasonable question

Is astro a vacuum cleaner?

NO! although it looks like. But it plays an role like house security center in your home. It’s a really home security on wheels.

Can it climb stairs?

NO! It can only work on a single floor. If you use it on higher floor, please prevent it from falling down the stairs!

Can it dial emergency call?

Yes you can say to him “Astro,  call 911” . It will help.

What does the periscope of it do?

With Astro’s Live View feature in the app, you have the flexibility to control its periscope, providing you with a better vantage point for various checks, such as confirming whether the oven was accidentally left on or if a candle was inadvertently left burning on the countertop. This functionality is easily accessible by selecting the Camera option, followed by Adjust, where you can set the periscope’s preferred height (which can extend up to 42 inches). For added convenience, you can also simply command Astro with “Astro, raise the periscope.”

How do i finish Astro hangout?

You can use voice commands like “Astro, go to your charger” or “Astro, go away.”

What is the red light meaning on Astro?

Astro relies on its pair of red night-vision LED lights positioned just above its screen, enabling it to effectively navigate and perceive its surroundings in low-light conditions.

Can astro robot avoid obstacles or animals?

It can learn your house. Please don’t think it learns or see your house through the big eye on the screen.

Astro’s SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology ensures efficient and smooth navigation within your home, making it a reliable choice for household tasks.

Cute Amazon Astro Home Robot Review
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Cute Amazon Astro Home Robot Review

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