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ecobee video doorbell

Ecobee Introduces Revolutionary Doorbell Camera Enabling Live Video Feed Integration with Thermostat.

First, let’s check the unbox video

Ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera Unboxing,Integration and Set Up

If you’ve wanted a smart doorbell camera that works well in your Apple home you haven’t had lots of great options .But now ecobee has a new smart doorbell camera and spoiler alert. This thing has great image quality and on device recognition of people imp packages and that’s just the beginning.If you have an ecobee smart thermostat premium and use their security system this door belt can really take your smart home to the next Level.

In the Box you get the doorbell setup instructions a wedge to adjust the camera angle a chime adapter and the necessary wires to connect everything up.The ecobee app takes you through an interactive version Of the setup process that I found very easy to follow once you have your chime and doorbell installed and powered on.You can add it to your Wi-Fi in the ecobee app as well as well then in the settings you can choose to add it to Apple’s homekit. And scan the home kit code on the doorbell Mount or in the manual. We’ll talk more about the Apple home details in just a minute having tried a number of doorbells over the years

I’m really impressed with the Chime integration kit ecobee. It made a system that fits inside my chime box and it’s easy to understand and wire up well it’s not required that you have an analog chime to use this doorbell.It’s great that you can easily use it if you have one we’ll get into how I’m using the digital chime details in a minute. One of the things I really love about this smart doorbell camera is how easy it is to understand where the button is to press for the doorbell. This sounds Like a simple idea but it’s not something you find on every smart doorbell.



Ecobee Doorbell Camera Feature and Durability

In the market future visitors to your home will find this easy to use. Now whether those guests are standing in the freezing cold or burning in the hot sun your doorbell should still be working. It’s rated to operate from -3 18° F all the way up to 113° F this is an extremely wide official temperature rating for an outdoor camera. and if it rains or snows the ip65 water and dust Proofing will have you covered for connectivity. The ecobee doorbell can use both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi to help with a stable network connection even at further distances from your router 

The camera on the doorbell provides 175° field of view that is very wide and makes it easy to see people from head to toe. Packages around your front door as you might have noticed in my installation the optional mounting plate. It can also help to angle the doorbell Towards your door this doorbell even has a built-in radar to help with people and package detection. But more on that in a minute the 1080p HDR video from this camera is some of the sharpest I’ve seen at that resolution. And has Vivid colors even in the low light of dusk or Dawn the doorbell moves to Black and White infrared video when it’s completely dark outside videos are 12200 x600 portrait aspect ratio in the doorbell settings you can customize if Clips are recorded For people packages. and or all motion events you can also customize the detection Zone to leave out areas like a busy street in front of your home to make that kind of scenario even easier though the built-in radar comes in handy in the ecobee app there’s a setting to customize how close the doorbell something has to be to get recorded by default it’s set to anything within 10 ft but it can be as far as 30 ft and as close as seven ecobee also has a smart Focus feature you can try which zooms to package and motion events giving you more detail 

personally I prefer seeing the whole field of view but this feature could be just what you are looking for ecobee’s doorbell detects people and packages with on device machine learning so the only video going to the cloud is from recognized events you also need to have two step or two- Factor authentication on your account to keep video secure if you share your ecobee app Control with others they will need to add a phone number or code generator to their account as well in order to view the video 

Ecobee Smart Video Doorbell Camera (Wired) – with Industry Leading HD Camera, Smart Security, Night Vision, Person and Package Sensors, 2-Way Talk, and Video & Snapshot Recording

Subscription Plan for Ecobee Doorbell

To share a recorded clip go to the ecobee app and open the live view of the doorbell then tap view history where you can see a list of times and large thumbnails of activity events choose the clip and tap the share button to save it to your photo library message or wherever else you want to send it for $5 a month or $50 a year you can get Storage of video clips in ecobee’s Cloud for up to 30 days for a single smart video doorbell camera or ecobee smart camera for unlimited cameras it’s $10 for the ecobee Smart Security complete plan this also includes 24/7 professional home monitoring in the United States for more peace of mind and not to mention you could save up to 10% on your homeowners insurance for having this system in place you also get a free two-month trial of ecobee Smart Security Per home one other great feature of the ecobee app is the ability to activate a siren on on the doorbell this could be a very helpful feature to deter any suspicious activity you catch in the moment and it’s something I think is often overlooked by other camera makers once you add this doorbell to Apple’s home app 

You can easily see a live view across your Apple devices viewing live video of the doorbell in Apple’s home app gives you quick access to nearby Home devices like a Smart Lock to let people in or outdoor lighting you can also get doorbell notifications from the home app and customize if you want any of your homepods or homepod minis to ring with the doorbell chime I have this turned on for the homepod mini stereo pair in my office but I keep it off in my kids bedrooms well you don’t need an ecoe thermostat to use this doorbell the Integration there really take this setup to the next level with the ecobee Smart thermostat premium you can view live video of the doorbell and use the microphone to talk to a person at the door this automatically appears when someone Rings your doorbell and you can also customize inside the ecobee app.

ecobee thermometer doorbell integration

Thermostat Integration with Ecobee Doorbell

If you want your thermostat to have access to this live view the doorbell also serves as a camera for EOB Smart Security Now speaking of the security system you can control it with actions from the ecobee app in shortcuts Personally I added an action to arm my security system in the stay mode during my bedtime shortcut that also turns on my good night scene in Apple’s home app ecobee was the first company to support Siri in its thermostat all of their temperature door and occupancy sensors also work in Apple’s home app for automation this doorbell is adding to that lineup as another option that ties seamlessly into your ecobee and apple home setups the ecobee smart doorbell Camera is available starting today in the US and Canada 

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