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wifi baby monitor

How To Choose A Wifi Baby Monitor

Simple to choose, fast to choose!

Are you about to become a parent for the first time? Many of our readers have gone through that wonderful experience. Welcoming a baby into your life brings immense joy and happiness. Ensuring a 100% safe environment for your precious little one is of utmost importance. That’s where a baby monitor comes in to give you peace of mind even when you’re away. The best baby monitors are incredibly easy to set up and use, providing a reliable connection at all times. You’ll adore the crystal-clear picture and sound quality they offer, and their long-lasting batteries let you sleep soundly, knowing your little one is safe through the night. Moreover, these sturdy monitors are built to withstand the adventures of toddlerhood without missing a beat!

What's the main function the Wifi baby monitor should have?

In the market of baby monitors, various brands offer several kinds of features, which keeping baby safe. but among these functions, some are considered necessary.

For instance, night vision is crucial as it enables parents to monitor their baby in low-light conditions, ensuring continuous surveillance throughout the night from the parents room. You can judge whether the baby sleep well with the algorithm. It can detects the baby crying ,moving and other action.

For a bigger baby, although there are someone taking care of him/her, you must have a moment when you miss the baby. The 2-way audio and video allows seamless communication between parents and their little ones, offering comfort and reassurance from afar.

Additionally, temperature monitoring is essential to keep track of the baby’s environment, ensuring it remains comfortable and safe.

The Eufy and Hello Baby meet those criteria better than any other Wifi baby monitor we’ve tested

  • Large LCD Display & Secure Wireless Technology: Enjoy a 3.2″ LCD display on this video baby monitor. Its frequency hopping and digital encryption technology ensure a safe and reliable connection, providing peace of mind.

  • Remote Pan Tilt and Zoom with 3.2″ LCD Display: Effortlessly control the camera’s rotation, offering a 355° horizontal and 120° vertical view to keep an eye on your baby from any angle.

  • Smart Features: Experience crystal clear two-way audio, enabling seamless conversations with your little one. Stay informed with the room temperature monitor and alerts, night vision, lullaby options, sound level LED indicator, and audio-only mode.

  • Easy and Convenient Operation: Setup is a breeze with a simple plug-and-play process. The Parent Unit, powered by a rechargeable battery, grants you full mobility throughout your home.

  • Occasional Monitor Freezing: In case of occasional monitor freezing, don’t worry; it is normal. Simply reset the monitor using the key at the back and re-pair the camera with the monitor. The user guide.pdf can be found in the Technical Specification section of the Product Information detail page.

  • Immersive Viewing Experience: Enjoy sweet dreams on the big screen with the large 5″ 720p video baby monitor display, offering 10 times more detail than ordinary 240p-display baby monitors.

  • Ready for Every Step: As your baby starts to explore, simply attach the included lens to expand the view to 110°, eliminating the need to purchase an additional lens.

  • Full Pan and Tilt Control: Effortlessly pan the lens 330° for a corner-to-corner view and tilt 110° to see from floor to ceiling, ensuring you never miss a moment of your little one’s activities.

  • Instant Crying Alerts: Stay instantly alerted with the video baby monitor when your baby cries, providing you peace of mind, even while you’re sleeping.

  • Stay Connected and Mobile: With a coverage range of 460 ft – 600 ft, you can watch your baby rest peacefully in real-time from anywhere in your home. Please note that the range reaches a maximum of 600 ft in an open area. (Note: The camera does not support micro SD cards and does not require or support any app. It is not battery-operated and must be connected to a power source.)

In fact the above function we introduced is enough to keep your baby safe.

But if your budget is higher, there are some more products with hight technical functions we would recommend.

Advantages here:

Comprehensive Baby Wellness Monitoring: Track more than just regular sleep patterns, including naps, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. Receive daily sleep reports based on customizable tracking sensitivity.

Immediate Notifications for Your Baby’s Needs: Stay informed with instant alerts when your baby cries, experiences changes in vitals, or when the sock detaches. Customize the alerts to match your personalized parenting preferences.

Clear Vision, Day and Night: Enjoy 2K crystal-clear clarity for detailed monitoring, day or night. The camera offers non-invasive night vision, ensuring you can closely monitor your baby even in the dark.

Optimized Accuracy and Reporting: Experience precise tracking and reports on your baby’s sleep patterns with advanced algorithms and a fresnel lens. Essential data like heart rate and blood oxygen levels from the past 48 hours are readily available.

Comfortable and Easy to Wear for 0-18 Months: The Smart Sock boasts a 24-hour battery life and is designed to be dirt-resistant, flexible, soft, and washable, ensuring maximum comfort for your growing baby. It comes in 3 sizes to accommodate your little one’s growth.

HSA/FSA Eligible.

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