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Ultimate Guide of Merkury Smart Wifi Camera

merkury smart wifi camera
merkury smart wifi camera

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Is Merkury and Geeni the same?

Merkury operates the brand Geeni, which offers a range of smart home products and solutions. These products include smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart cameras, and other smart devices designed to enhance home automation and provide users with greater control over their living spaces through smartphone apps.

Introduction of Merkury Smart Wifi Camera

The Merkury(Geeni) Smart WiFi Camera make users surprise in the ocean of affordable Camera. While it may not boast their features of the smart wifi camera, it still serves as a reliable security option within a respectable smart home setup. One drawback is the absence of cloud video storage, which could be a deal-breaker for many. Nevertheless, considering its budget-friendly price of under $39, the Merkury Smart WiFi Camera proves to be a worthwhile investment for home security needs.

Pros and Cons of Merkury Smart Wifi Camera



Geeni is a reliable brand for affordable security cameras with good video quality and essential features. However, it may not offer the same level of intelligence as higher-end options like Google Nest and Arlo. But comparing to them, Geeni performs good enough on price performance ratio.

Check What Expert Say About Merkury Smart Wifi Camera

What The Ordinary Customer Say About Merkury Smart Wifi Camera

“I originally bought 2 of these from Walmart & loved them so much I wanted more. I found these on Amazon for cheaper than Walmart so I bought 4. One thing that made no sense was for a 2 pack of these it was more than buying 2 of them separately. These are very easy to use & set up. The video is crispy clear & the audio is clear. The double sided tape that is included works really well. I use as cards in all of the cameras so I can watch playback if needed. I prefer that rather than paying for their cloud services. You should format the card when you install in before you try to record on it, you can format it through the app. I would recommend these 10/10.”

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How Many Cameras Should i have for my house?

Merkury(geeni) smart wifi camera has two version, indoor and outdoor

1,For apartment or small house living, a basic doorbell camera could be sufficient. It serves the purpose of monitoring your front stoop, keeping an eye on visitors, and tracking package deliveries.

2,Having a larger property with outdoor structures, side entrances, or interior rooms to monitor can warrant the use of additional cameras without any adverse effects. Any structures such as sheds or garages that may not be clearly visible from your home can benefit from the extra surveillance.

Opting for outdoor cameras like the Geeni Outdoor wifi Cam, equipped with an on-board motion sensor, floodlights, and a camera, provides the added advantage of receiving clips whenever the sensors are triggered.

However, unless you have specific areas like a safe, your children’s nursery or playroom, or a pool entrance that require constant attention, two cameras should typically suffice for most surveillance needs.

Which bird feeder camera is compatible with Geeni outdoor wifi cam?


When considering compatibility with the Geeni outdoor WiFi camera, it’s essential to evaluate the options available, particularly when integrating a bird feeder with the Geeni camera. To determine the best bird feeder camera for this purpose, one should prioritize features such as weather resistance, ease of installation, and the ability to securely mount the camera while maintaining a clear view of the bird feeder. Assessing these factors will help identify the product that best aligns with the Geeni outdoor WiFi camera, ensuring seamless monitoring of feathered visitors to your outdoor space.

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