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amazon ring trouble shooting

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Ring doorbell troubleshooting guide - first part

The Ring Doorbell stands as a vital element in contemporary home security, utilizing technological innovations to facilitate remote monitoring and control via a mobile application. Beyond providing advantages like real-time alerts and two-way communication, maintaining the consistent functionality of the Ring Doorbell is of utmost importance.

Although, the ring doorbell has so many advantages.There are also many issues that need to be resolved.Here are some trouble shooting thread for frequent question of ring doorbell.

Why is my Ring doorbell not detecting motion?

The Ring camera not detecting motion may be caused by incorrect settings within the app, suboptimal positioning, or challenges related to the camera’s connection and software

Here are the trouble shooting steps:

1,Verify that the live view is working to ensure the camera is functioning.
2,Check motion alert settings to ensure they are turned on.
3,Adjust the sensitivity and motion zones in the camera settings.
4,Try resetting the Wi-Fi network by unplugging the router and modem for one minute.
5,Clean the camera lens to remove any obstructions or smudges.
6,Consider a factory reset if persistent issues exist, following specific instructions for the camera model.

video door bell lost wifi connection

What can i do if my Ring doorbell loses Wi-Fi connection?

The Ring doorbell consistently loses its connection to Wi-Fi despite the Wi-Fi router being functional and having sufficient power. Reconnection is required each time this disconnection occurs.

So how to resove the doorbell lose wifi connections, please try following trouble shooting steps:

1,Check if another Wi-Fi device is having trouble connecting to the network.
2,Unplug the router for 30 seconds and then reconnect to see if the Ring doorbell automatically reconnects.
3,Turn off the power to the Ring Pro at the breaker box for 30 seconds, then turn it back on.
4,Adjust the smart network switch on your Android phone.
5,Ensure your phone’s battery is fully charged during setup.
6,If setup fails multiple times, try using a different mobile device.
7,If setup is still unsuccessful, reboot your modem and/or router by unplugging them for at least 30 seconds and then plugging them back in.
8,For Android devices, ensure they are connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Why isn't my Ring doorbell ringing?

The frustration of a malfunctioning Ring Doorbell, particularly when it fails to ring, can lead users to contemplate alternatives and question the convenience of digital advancements. Despite my extensive experience with the Ring Doorbell and my efforts to explore its compatibility with HomeKit, installation without a pre-existing doorbell, and installation on my own door, persistent issues with functionality can cast doubt on the reliability of modern smart doorbells.

so why isn’y my ring doorbell ring? Lets’ check the following trouble shooting method:

1,Doorbell Button Inspection:

Turn off the breaker to the doorbell.
Remove the doorbell and inspect the button, checking for loose wires, functionality, and cleanliness.
For battery-powered doorbells like Ring, ensure tight screws on the doorbell mount.

2,Doorbell Chime Examination:

Differentiate between mechanical and electronic chimes.Check the position and functionality of mechanical chimes, ensuring they move freely.For electronic chimes, carefully remove the cover, inspect wires, and confirm proper connections.

3,Transformer Evaluation:

Locate the transformer, possibly behind or inside the doorbell chime, in the garage, utility closet, or attic.
Check if the transformer wires are secure and clean.
Using a multimeter, test the voltage output, aiming for 16-24 volts. If the reading is lower, consider upgrading to a 30 VA transformer.

4,Consider Doorbell Chime Replacement:

If the Transformer is insufficient for a smart doorbell, upgrading the doorbell chime might be necessary.
A link to an Amazon product for a compatible chime is provided.

doorbell not working with chime

source: 1800doorbell.com

Why is my Ring doorbell not working with chime?

There are many reason about ring doorbell not working with chime. Some problem happens in doorbell some in chime.

So let’s check the trouble shooting ways:

1,Click on “Set up a device” and choose “Chimes” as the device type.

2,Connecting the Chime:

Scan the QR code on the back of the Ring Doorbell Chime with the app.

Plug in the Ring Doorbell Chime to a standard wall outlet.

Confirm the address and name the chime (e.g., “Downstairs”).

Follow the prompts to connect the chime to the Wi-Fi network associated with the Ring Doorbell.

3,Troubleshooting Note (Android):

The presenter encountered issues connecting the chime using an Android phone.
Recommended using an iPhone for a smoother setup experience.

5,Testing and Additional Settings:

Test the chime by pressing the Ring Doorbell button.
Explore additional settings, such as snoozing the chime, changing chime tones, adjusting volume, and configuring alerts for motion or doorbell presses.

6,Device Health:

Check the device health in the Ring app, which provides information on Wi-Fi connection strength and allows for changes to the Wi-Fi network or password.

Flexibility and Multiple Chimes:

Highlight the flexibility of placing multiple Ring Chimes throughout the house, each connected to a single Ring Doorbell.


Why is my Ring doorbell in black and white?

Please check the trouble shooting steps about why ring doorbell in black and white

1,Rebooting the Ring Doorbell:

Press and hold the orange button at the back of the Ring doorbell for 15 to 20 seconds to initiate a reboot. Wait for the flashing light on the front side, indicating a reset.

2,Adjusting Infrared Settings:

Access the Ring app, click on the three dots, navigate to device settings, and open the gear icon. Under video settings, find night vision and switch it to automatic from normal.

3,Altering Doorbell Environment:

Improve porch lighting or eliminate shading that might trigger the night vision unnecessarily.

4,Calling Ring Technical Support:

If the issue persists, users can contact Ring technical support for assistance.

After trying these, if you still have a problem of ring doorbell in black and white. please call the customer service of Ring. Maybe the firmware need to be upgraded.

Why is my Ring doorbell chime not working?

1,Restart your phone: A simple phone restart might resolve glitches or malfunctions.

2,Unplug router and modem: Performing a one-minute reset by unplugging the router and modem can help clear Wi-Fi issues.
3,Set up the Ring Chime Pro closer to the router: To identify if it’s a distance or obstruction problem, try setting up the device closer to the router initially.
4,Uninstall and reinstall the Ring app: This step can clear glitches, malfunctions, and ensure you have the latest app version.
Try a different outlet: Rarely, outlets may cause signal interference; testing with a different outlet is suggested.

Why is there noise from my Ring doorbell?

Please check the trouble shooting steps of why there is noise from ring doorbell.
1,Wi-Fi Interference Issue: Other electronic devices or neighboring Wi-Fi networks can interfere with the signal.
Solution: Make sure your Ring doorbell is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. You can change your Wi-Fi channel or upgrade to a dual-band router to reduce interference.

2,Poor Wi-Fi Signal Issue: Weak Wi-Fi signal may cause noise or disruptions.
Solution: Improve your Wi-Fi signal by moving the router closer to the doorbell, using a Wi-Fi extender, or upgrading to a more powerful router.

3,Physical Obstructions Issue: Physical barriers like walls, metal objects, or large appliances can obstruct the Wi-Fi signal.
Solution: Reposition your Wi-Fi router or doorbell to minimize obstructions. Sometimes, a change in placement can improve the signal quality.

4,Electronic Devices Issue: Other electronic devices operating on similar frequencies can cause interference.
Solution: Identify and turn off or relocate devices like cordless phones, baby monitors, or microwave ovens that may be causing interference.

5,Device Malfunction Issue: Internal issues within the Ring doorbell or chime may cause noise.
Solution: Check for any loose connections or physical damage. If the problem persists, contact Ring support for further assistance.

6,Firmware or Software Issues: Outdated firmware or software may lead to performance issues.
Solution: Ensure that your Ring doorbell has the latest firmware and that your Ring app is up to date. Check for updates regularly.

7,Weather Conditions Issue: Extreme weather conditions, especially moisture, can impact electronic devices.
Solution: Ensure that your Ring doorbell is weather-sealed and protected. If necessary, consider purchasing weather-resistant accessories.

8,Power Supply Issues: Insufficient or unstable power supply can result in performance problems.
Solution: Verify that your Ring doorbell is receiving adequate power. If hardwired, ensure proper installation. If using batteries, replace them or charge the device.

to be continued…

Ring doorbell trouble shooting guide

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