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Thread Protocol is Crucial to Matter

In this article, we will introduce the history of the Matter. And help you understand why Thread border router is important to Matter.

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The Relationship Among These Protocols(Zigbee,Thread,Matter etc.)

At present, no doubt, Matter is a popular topic in smart home industry.

It resolve three major issues in today’s smart home landscape: latency, reliability, connectivity, and battery life

And CSA( Connectivity Standards Alliance) organized by Google Apple Samsung etc. is the alliance behind Matter. The CSA before was Zigbee Alliance. The Thread developed by Nest that now play an important role in Matter was also based on Zigbee. But now Zigbee has no any relationship with Matter. As Matter choose wifi and Thread to communicate with the smart devices, if Zigbee device want to join the net, then it need a “bridge”.

Thread alliance group

Why Thread Border Router is Important to Matter

Thread is the main communication way for devices in Matter. It appears to be a valuable enhancement to mesh technologies like ZigBee and Z-Wave.  A home can function effectively with devices solely connecting via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, or an established mesh network with a Matter-compatible hub. This approach would offer all the advantages of cross-compatibility.

Once your lights, locks, shades, or sensors that are compatible are integrated into the Thread network, they become controllable through a Matter controller within any compatible ecosystem. This encompasses Apple’s HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and Samsung’s SmartThings.

So how to make these integrate into Thread network. It needs the hub or we call it the border router.

However, border routers distinguish themselves from the conventional hubs and bridges. The border router technology can be incorporated into existing devices like Alexa speakers, Wi-Fi routers, or even smart light , eliminating the necessity for manufacturers to produce dedicated hubs and bridges. Then, you’ll have fewer standalone white boxes attached to your router. Moreover, a border router doesn’t access the dialogues occurring among your devices (all communication is end-to-end encrypted); it merely relays the communications.

In conclusion, the strong compatible ability of Thread give a strong support to Matter in Communications in the easiest way.

What's the Main Problem Does Thread IOT Have

Any coin has two sides. When you enjoy the easy connection between different protocols. The problem comes that different brand has it’s own Thread IOT protocol. The border router only work with in their own Thread network. There is no handshake among different brand device. For example, Amazon’s border routers exclusively operate within networks established by their devices. These routers do not connect to existing Thread networks and do not enable devices from other manufacturers to join their networks.

As a result, Thread’s primary commitment — the resilient, self-repairing mesh network — remains mostly theoretical unless you opt for one or two specific manufacturer’s border routers. This becomes increasingly challenging with the introduction of numerous devices capable of functioning as border routers. It’s not feasible to acquire smart speakers, routers, televisions, and refrigerators exclusively from a single company.

Let’s check what a user say about the situation.

What do We Expect for The Future

First way to resolve, Thread 1.3.0

Thread 1.3.0 brings seamless link among Matter devices, letting them join IP networks while retaining low-power, long-range capabilities. Certified Thread Border Routers support hassle-free compatibility and interaction with smart devices, while the integration process is further simplified as Thread devices appear like regular Wi-Fi devices. Additionally, the update enables efficient in-field firmware updates for Thread devices without affecting control responsiveness or event delivery promptness.


Second, the manufacture can work together.

Currently, manufacturers have the authority to determine whether their border router will integrate into a competitor’s Thread network or establish a distinct network within your residence.

Write At Last

Although there are many problems, we still believe the Matter has a brilliant future.

Because it

  • Simplifies connectivity not only for smart homes, but also for various IoT applications in sectors like smart cities, automotive, energy, and healthcare. It is expected to eliminate isolated ecosystems that lack communication compatibility.
  • Aims to enhance existing standards rather than reinvent the wheel, building connections between them for seamless integration.
  • Facilitates IoT device development for software engineers and provides consumers with reliable products that ensure secure and interoperable communication, instilling confidence in their purchases

So it deserves time of waiting for.

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