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Yale's New Assure 2 Smart Locks

In the ever-evolving landscape of smart home security, Yale has emerged as a leading innovator with its Assure 2 smart lock series. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing home security and convenience, Yale has introduced two remarkable additions to its lineup – smart locks that cater to different user preferences. These new offerings include a smart lock equipped with Apple’s HomeKey support and another featuring a cutting-edge fingerprint reader. While both these features mark significant milestones for the company, consumers are presented with a choice – one can either opt for the convenience of a fingerprint reader or embrace the seamless integration of Apple HomeKey. Regrettably, there’s no hybrid model combining both elements.

Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch: A Touch of Fingerprint Convenience

The first offering in Yale’s new Assure 2 smart lock series is the Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch, priced at $199. This lock is not just a technological marvel but also a testament to Yale’s commitment to providing users with a range of options to meet their specific needs.

The standout feature of the Assure Lock 2 Touch is undoubtedly its integrated fingerprint reader. This biometric security element adds an extra layer of convenience to the smart lock experience. Imagine effortlessly unlocking your door with a simple touch, eliminating the need for keys or codes. It’s an especially appealing feature for those who often find themselves fumbling for keys or forget their access codes.

While the fingerprint reader steals the spotlight, Yale ensures that users have choices. The Assure Lock 2 Touch comes in both keyed and key-free versions, accommodating those who prefer traditional keys and those who desire a completely keyless entry.

yale assure 2 lock

The lock’s user-friendly touchscreen interface allows for easy setup and operation. Users can access their homes with a PIN code or use the fingerprint reader for added security. Plus, like its Assure 2 counterparts, it’s compatible with Apple Home (through HomeKit) and can be managed via the Yale Access app through a Bluetooth connection.

For those looking to expand their smart lock’s capabilities, Yale offers swappable connectivity modules. At launch, the Wi-Fi module is available, bundled with the Assure Lock 2 Touch for $279.99 or separately for $79.99. This module enables remote unlocking through the Yale Access app and seamless integration with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. And for those who are eagerly awaiting Z-Wave compatibility, Yale promises that it’s coming soon, ensuring that your smart lock stays up-to-date with the latest technologies.

The Assure Lock 2 Touch represents a harmonious blend of biometric convenience and traditional access methods. However, for those who are particularly drawn to the allure of Apple’s HomeKey technology, the next option in the Assure 2 lineup may be more appealing. We explore the Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus in the next section, which takes Apple-focused smart locking to new heights.


Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus: Elevating Apple HomeKey Integration

For those who are deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem and appreciate the seamless experience that HomeKey offers, the Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus is a standout choice. Priced at $209.99, this smart lock is designed to seamlessly integrate with Apple’s HomeKey, offering a new level of convenience and security for Apple enthusiasts.

One of the most compelling features of the Assure Lock 2 Plus is its support for Apple HomeKey, a technology that allows users to tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to open their door effortlessly. What’s even more convenient is that the Assure Lock 2 Plus is automatically added to the Apple Wallet of anyone you share your Apple Home with, simplifying access for trusted individuals.

Out of the box, the Assure Lock 2 Plus comes ready to connect via Bluetooth, ensuring a smooth setup process for Apple users. While it lacks a fingerprint reader or the option of a physical keyway, it presents a straightforward choice for those who prioritize HomeKey functionality.

If you’re looking to extend your smart lock’s capabilities further, you have the option to purchase the Wi-Fi module for an additional $289.99. This module adds remote unlocking capabilities through the Yale Access app and broadens compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. However, it’s important to note that the Assure Lock 2 Plus does not work with the Z-Wave module, making it crucial for potential buyers to consider their specific needs and preferences.

The decision not to include a fingerprint reader or physical keyway in the Assure Lock 2 Plus is a deliberate one, as explained by Tiffany Mayo, Yale’s director of hardware product management. Cost considerations played a significant role in this decision, as adding both a fingerprint reader and an NFC antenna for HomeKey would have increased the lock’s price. Yale aims to offer an affordable range of options, catering to various budgets, and maintaining this balance was a priority.

Furthermore, Yale recognizes that HomeKey is primarily focused on the Apple ecosystem. Hence, the decision to keep the fingerprint reader separate was made to ensure that users have the flexibility to choose the entry method that suits their needs best. As Ms. Mayo noted, “If, after these launch, everybody needs both, that’s a consideration for us to make.”

The Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus stands as one of the few consumer-level HomeKey locks available in the US market, offering a balance between affordability and Apple-centric smart home integration. In comparison to other HomeKey locks, such as the Aqara U100 and higher-priced alternatives like the Schlage Encode Plus and Level Lock Plus, Yale’s offering provides a unique blend of convenience and accessibility.

As the smart lock landscape continues to evolve, it’s evident that consumer demand drives innovation. Yale’s strategic decisions in the development of the Assure 2 series reflect an understanding of the diverse needs of smart lock users. Whether you prioritize fingerprint recognition or the seamless integration of Apple HomeKey, these choices empower you to select a smart lock that aligns with your preferences.

Matter Integration: The Wait for Smart Lock Advancements

While Yale’s Assure 2 series introduces exciting choices for smart lock enthusiasts, it’s important to recognize the broader landscape of smart home technology and the industry-wide anticipation of advancements in a specific area: Matter integration.

Matter, formerly known as Project CHIP (Connected Home over IP), represents a standardized and interoperable smart home protocol backed by major players in the tech industry. It aims to simplify the smart home experience by ensuring that devices from different manufacturers can work seamlessly together. For smart locks, this means improved compatibility and enhanced functionality.

Yale’s commitment to the Matter standard is evident. However, as of now, the release of the Matter module remains pending. The delay can be attributed to the evolving nature of the Matter standard, which is still undergoing refinement. According to Tiffany Mayo, Yale’s director of hardware product management, the standard is “still not fully baked” and not ready for integration with the Assure Lock 2.

It’s worth noting that Yale does offer one Matter-enabled lock: the Yale Assure Lock SL with a Matter Smart Module, available for $229.99. However, it’s primarily targeted at early adopters and represents a niche within Yale’s product lineup.

One of the current limitations of Matter integration is its focus on basic locking and unlocking functions. This means that features such as managing PIN codes, a crucial aspect of smart lock functionality, are not yet supported by Matter. However, it’s important to recognize that platforms like SmartThings and Apple Home currently offer PIN management, providing a workaround for users who require this feature.

As newer iterations of the Matter standard are developed and released, Yale anticipates expanded functionality for its smart locks. This expansion could bring additional capabilities and features to smart locks, aligning them more closely with user expectations.

In summary, the smart lock industry, including Yale, eagerly awaits the maturation of the Matter standard. While the standard’s current capabilities are somewhat limited, the potential for future enhancements holds promise. Yale remains committed to offering customers the latest in smart home security, and as the Matter standard evolves, users can expect even more from their Yale smart locks.

As the industry continues to progress and technology advances, the smart lock experience is set to become increasingly seamless, secure, and versatile. Stay tuned for future developments as Matter integration evolves, and Yale continues to adapt its offerings to meet the ever-growing demands of the smart home market.

Yale's Assure 2 Smart Locks - Balancing Choice and Innovation

In the realm of smart home security, Yale has consistently set the bar high, and their latest offerings, the Assure 2 smart locks, are no exception. These locks showcase Yale’s dedication to providing users with choices that align with their unique needs and preferences.

The Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch, with its integrated fingerprint reader and touchscreen interface, represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional access methods. It caters to those who value the convenience of biometric security alongside the reliability of PIN codes or keys. With connectivity options like Wi-Fi and the promise of Z-Wave compatibility, it stands as a versatile addition to any smart home.

On the other hand, the Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus places a spotlight on Apple HomeKey integration. For Apple enthusiasts, the seamless experience of tapping an iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock their door is now within reach. While it lacks a fingerprint reader, the Assure Lock 2 Plus delivers a straightforward HomeKey solution, cementing its place in the Apple-centric smart home ecosystem.

Behind these choices lies a deliberate strategy driven by affordability and flexibility. Yale recognizes that the smart lock market spans a diverse range of users, each with their own set of priorities. By offering distinct models, Yale empowers consumers to select the smart lock that best suits their lifestyle and preferences.

As we look toward the future, the industry-wide anticipation of Matter integration adds an exciting dimension to the smart lock landscape. While the release of Matter modules for Yale’s Assure Lock 2 series remains pending, the commitment to the standard and its potential for expanding smart lock capabilities is evident. Yale’s willingness to adapt and evolve its offerings underscores its dedication to delivering the latest in smart home security.

In conclusion, Yale’s Assure 2 smart locks exemplify a harmonious blend of choice and innovation. Whether you lean towards biometric convenience or Apple HomeKey integration, Yale empowers you to make the right decision for your smart home security needs. As technology evolves and standards like Matter mature, the smart lock experience is poised to become even more seamless and feature-rich. Yale’s role as an industry leader ensures that they will continue to play a significant part in shaping the future of smart home security.

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